Sample Sale Savants

  • Do you go to sample sales, wait in line for hours and end up buying a lot of things that you don’t wear?

  • You love the discounts, but hate the crowds and the madness of sample sales?

  • Do you need some help re-vamping or developing your look?

Then this experience for you

Prior to going on the 3 hour long excursion, you’ll be given a questionnaire which allows us to pull styles for you before you arrive to the sample sale itself. We save you time. We save you money. We make sample sales civilized.

In-Person Experience

  • Cut the line or arrive to the VIP sale with your name on the list

  • pre-selected items are waiting for you

  • hands-free shopping

  • help with sizes and styling

  • option for 24 hour hold of items or $15 delivery within a 30 minute radius from Manhattan.

3 hours - $150 per person with a maximum of 3 other people in your shopping party or $600 for 1-on-1 session.

Please contact us directly about digital styling which requires a $2,000 retainer deposit into the house account. $75 minimum for a stylist to attend the sale, even if you do not purchase anything. The stylist then charges 10% commission for items purchased, plus shipping via UPS Ground.

Example: You’d like to be styled digitally at the DESIGNER sale. Deposit $2,000 into the house account via paypal or venmo and then a stylist will go at the agreed upon time to shop for you. There is an initial $75 fee. Once at the sale, the stylist will pull items for you for an hour while texting you pictures for your approval or purchase items from a pre-determined wish list. The stylist confirms your purchases prior to charging them and deducts that amount plus shipping from your house account. You may ask for a refund of your retainer at anytime.

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